At Cooper Kids Therapy Associates, we conduct a variety of comprehensive evaluations for infants, toddlers and preschoolers—and we do so with multicultural sensitivity and a helpful fluency in several languages. We deliver therapeutic, educational and support services across a variety of disciplines, and all SEIT and Related Services at Cooper Kids Therapy Associates are in compliance with the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) recommendations.

Special Instruction:

We provide families with the information, skills and support resources necessary to design learning environments and activities that promote child development.

Speech/Language Therapy:

Our speech and language therapy services help children with delays in communication skills or oral pharyngeal disorders.

Feeding Therapy:

We address the nutritional needs of children by identifying feeding problems, food habits and food preferences and by helping children to develop feeding skills.

Occupational Therapy:

Our occupational therapy services contribute to the establishment and improvement of self-help skills, adaptive behavior and play, as well as sensory, motor and postural development.

Physical Therapy:

We provide services to help prevent or lessen movement difficulties and related functional problems.


Psychological Services:

By administering and interpreting psychological tests, we’re able to obtain and interpret information about a child’s behavior. This often involves evaluating child and family conditions related to learning, mental health and development.

Social Work Services:

Our social workers assess the social and emotional strengths and needs of children and families, as well as provide individual or group services such as counseling or family training.

Audiological Services:

We specialize in identifying hearing impairments in children and when necessary, we provision services for hearing loss.

Service Coordination:

Our service coordinators partner with families and providers to orchestrate the delivery of early intervention services for infants and toddlers. These individuals help families obtain the necessary services and arrange periodic meetings to review the child's progress.